Pollinator Garden at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church (WRPC) has a community outreach program that features a vegetable garden. Members of the community may work in this garden and receive income from the sale of the vegetables produced.  Many people have been helped by this program and many more have enjoyed the fresh vegetables it raises.

In the spring of 2015 the Suffolk Master Gardeners Association initiated a Pollinator Garden at the WRPC to support the vegetable garden. The Pollinator Garden has been established just on the outside of the vegetable garden fence.

Three sections of the Pollinator Garden have now been put in place with well over 100 plants used. Emphasis has been placed on native plants, that are heat resistant and drought tolerant, while at the same time being attractive to pollinators that frequent this area. This combination of volunteer organization and religious group is a great way to use different types of expertise to help the community.