Seaboard Coastline Trail Garden

The Seaboard Coastline Trail is Suffolk’s first entry into the National Rails to Trails program and the South Hampton Roads Trail.  Right-of-Ways from now defunct railroads are turned into all-purpose trails for use by all citizens.  The tail is optimized for bicycles and wheeled conveyances like baby carriages. However, runners and walkers are welcome and plentiful.   A little over 3 miles have been completed so far, from Driver to Town Point Road.  Here are two links with more information:

1.   Overview of Suffolk Walking Trails

2.  Facebook Page of the South Hampton Roads Trail

In the summer of 2017, the Suffolk Parks and Recreation Chief Ranger asked that the Suffolk Master Gardeners Association include the Seaboard Coastline Trail in their community gardens, which can be found in most Suffolk parks.

The first bed was installed by the Master Gardeners in September 2017 at the Trailhead in Driver.  This garden emphasizes native plants that are heat tolerant and drought resistant.  In addition, the plants are chosen to be attractive to and supportive of pollinators.  The plants are grown by Master Gardeners in their home gardens.  Thanks to the support of Bennett’s Creek Nursery we are able to add color with annuals during the winter months.  A picture taken at the installation of this bed is seen below.

Suffolk Master Gardeners creating the first garden at the Seaboard Coastline Trail

Suffolk Master Gardeners creating the first garden at the Seaboard Coastline Trail

The Master Gardeners intend to expand the number of beds at this trail at least twice per year.  The next planned addition is a bed at the Town Point Road Trailhead in April/May of 2018.




Bed #2 has been added at the Seaboard Coastline Trail.  This bed is at the Pughsville Trailhead.  Work was begun on May 26, 2018 and completed on 29 May.   Featured are native plants and those favored by pollinators.  The picture shows the bed at the time of completion.

Bed #2 at the Seaboard Coast Trail

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